SOL: A Comfy Chair

Do you have a favorite, comfy chair?  You know, the kind of chair that you are so comfortable in when you read or talk, you feel pampered.

My oldest son, W, made me laugh today. W is six foot two with very long legs.  He was explaining how he was working on his English dialectical journals while sitting on a comfortable, old, stage couch today.  W received 10 out of 10 points.  “I know it’s because I wasn’t having to worry about my butt.”  My quizzical look made him explain.  “I didn’t have to think about how sore my butt was from sitting on those hard chairs all day long.  It’s hard to concentrate when it’s hurting.”  I just smiled and nodded.  Yes, a comfy chair is definitely a pleasure.

6 Responses to SOL: A Comfy Chair

  1. elsie says:

    I agree that a comfy place to rest makes anything more bearable. I actually had those thoughts today in the dentist’s chair. It was very cushy and I was glad.

  2. Katie says:

    He’s so right. Never underestimate the power of comfort to help the learning process.

  3. T. Hess says:

    If I take a shower before bed, I have to sit in my comfy chair before I can even think about going to bed. It’s the first step to a good night’s sleep!

  4. man…i’m going to have to go shopping tomorrow! no comfy chairs in my house for some reason, haha…

  5. the other ruth says:

    Am laughing so hard–I’ve been at a conference since Sunday and I absolutely know what W is talking about! 🙂

  6. Diana says:

    Sons are a endless source of funny things to write about. The butt-to-brain connection cracks me up.

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