Abe Lincoln’s Hat

February 19, 2011

Martha Brenner shares a unique view of Abraham Lincoln in Abe Lincoln’s Hat.  The focal point of the book is Abe’s hat.  Martha does not just describe the hat, but she shapes Abe’s character through stories of the hat.  I find the biography to be refreshing.  The stories shape his character, not just facts and stages of his life.

He made trials easy to understand.  He told jokes and stories.”

The author connects with children by sharing how Abe was human, making mistakes and working hard.  The hat becomes a solution.  Reading the book was fun.  I learned something.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Abe Lincoln’s Hat:

  • Biography
  • President’s Day
  • Voice within an informational text
  • Character traits – stories of his wisdom
  1. perseverance through defeat
  2. humor – tells jokes; boys played a joke on him
  3. spoke to the common man
  4. gratitude – remembered Hannah Armstrong’s kindness are returned a favor
  5. weakness – not organized
  6. purposeful actions – circuit lawyer allowed him to meet many people; top hat purchased so he would be noticed