Presidents’ Day

Anne Rockwell along with Lizzy Rockwell created the book Presidents’ Day that explains the holiday through a child’s point of view.  The six-year-old girl in the text is speaking to the reader, explaining the four presidents found on Mount Rushmore.  This book would be good to read in the primary grades.

In the book, students in the class perform a play about Presidents’ Day, explaining each of the four presidents.  The text they quote for their part is concise and an excellent mentor text for students writing a biography.  It reminded me of students who act in a wax museum presentation in school, highlighting the important characteristics.

Savoring for reading and in writing for Presidents’ Day:

To commemorate the holiday, Presidents’ Day shares the background of the presidents celebrated through the eyes of   six year-olds.  The children perform a class play about the four presidents honored on Mt. RushmoreAnne Rockwell along with Lizzy Rockwell share information in a delightful way that will capture your children’s interest.

This book is a great example for teaching summarizing.  It reminded me of students’ wax museum performances.  Each child studies his/her famous person and then shares an important finding.  The children in the book share the highlights through a school program.  In the end, the class has a vote for class president, linking their learning through practice.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Presidents’ Day:

  • Summarizing
  • Singular vs. Plural possessive – Pablo’s name versus Presidents’ Day
  • Wax Museum for history and biographies
  • Proper nouns – several examples are given to demonstrate the capitalization rule: names, places, holiday
  • Hyphenated numbers – twenty-two


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