Slice of Life: Cancellation

March 1, 2011

Cancellation – What’s your first thought?  Positive or Negative?

You see, cancellation could be either – depending on the context. 

For example, if your flight is cancelled, then you have to wait.  Negative.

But, it could be positive.  You get to linger for a few more hours with a loved one.

Snow has fallen – a LOT! Snow day cancellation.  Positive.  I get a day to write.

But, six cancellations equals more days in the summer.  Negative.

I’ve decided cancellation is a choice. 

I mean I can choose to look at the situation in a positive or negative way.

So, my last cancellation for now (the idea that brought this slice to mind) – Diet Coke.

You see, my friends have been “talking” to me via email about chocolate.  Stresses of the day:  ISTEP.  Broken retainer. Computer glitches.  Chocolate is the sanity for my moment of distress.

As I pondered chocolate (while eating my healthy salad), I thought, “Oh to cancel the calories.” 

I pondered more.  Solution found: Diet Coke! 

Yes, you see the diet cancels calories, so that combined with the chocolate will definitely cancel … some guilt.

Happy cancelling today!!  🙂