SOL 5: I Survived!

March 5, 2011

Yes, I survived.

My fourteen year old daughter, Elizabeth, had four friends over for a sleep over.  If Monster’s Inc. was real, they could have bottled the laughter up and been able to supply New York City with enough energy for a year. Oh, were they funny! Here is one example:

You totally look like a loompa-loompa.”

This comment was followed by “I need to stand up and walk around.  I can’t be funny sitting down.”

I couldn’t contain my laughter. I would laugh out loud hearing their comments. Finally, I grabbed my notebook.  I was trying to capture the scene. The off-the-wall, spur-of-the-moment comments were priceless. Yes, I survived and loved the shared moments with my daughter and her friends.  (Not that I want to lose any more sleep tonight.)

Below are some comments they said in-between laughs, giggles, bursts of noise that is indescribable:

  • People gather. I have to tell you a story. (I think this was one of my favorites. T was so serious. They all got quiet and she shared the next line.)
  • We were at Deb’s Clothing store in the mall with my aunt. You’ll never believe what she said. We were looking at some clothes and she pushes me. She says, “Hurry up and move. I just farted.” I mean seriously. She’s a grown woman, old. You know like forty. (I’m just glad I didn’t have any drink in my mouth. I would have lost it. My laughter must have echoed down the street.)
  • Oh, yeah. Well my brother would hold me down and fart on my face. My face, mind you. Seriously, it is so gross!

Well, I wouldn’t say the discussions were very sophisticated, but the fun they were having was great. And no, it wasn’t all about bodily fluids, thankfully, but those random comments were hilarious.