SOL 8: Kindergarteners Learning Chinese?

Kindergarten children are so spur of the moment. Their outlook on life is so innocent, free, and often times funny. They are sponges soaking in their learning and trying to decipher little marks, translating meaning within the lines.

As an interventionist, I work with 5 kindergartners each day. They are struggling with learning the letter sounds and sight words. They are learning to connect the sounds they do know with the letters those sounds represent.  Simple, you might say, but for kindergartners, I think our alphabet looks like Chinese characters.

Through this process, the kids say some of the funniest things. I usually try to just smile, but inside I’m cracking up.

Today, one little girl, K, announced, “I am going to read a book to my mom tonight. Not a hard one though (her face was so serious as she was shaking her head).  Just one that has these letters (pointing to the book in her hand).”  I thought to myself, what other letters are there?

Gotta love them.

2 Responses to SOL 8: Kindergarteners Learning Chinese?

  1. Tam says:

    Working with babes really has its rewards!

  2. the other ruth says:

    Love it! Kids early in their reading lives are so much fun. I know I enjoy my time with my readers every day!

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