SOL 10: Rushed Mornings

March 10, 2011

As I was racing downstairs once again to the neglected laundry, my thoughts flowed. Mornings are hectic in our household. I try to stay upbeat and positive. It sets the tone for the day, a gift I lavish on my children as they walk out the door.

I began to mentally list my morning and remembered the young man who was featured on Just For a Month blog. He had written in his notebook the things that he liked. Here’s my list from my thoughts:

I’m thankful for:

  • alarm clocks
  • one husband-love him dearly
  • three kids in double digits
  • high school and middle school
  • activities galore
  • wrestling meets
  • baseball practice
  • band concerts
  • “You forgot to tell me what?”
  • trips to the basement for underwear and socks
  • “Mom, where’s my shirt? You know the blue one with the football on it?”
  • charging phones
  • wet towels on the bathroom floor
  • “Yeah and where’s my jacket?”
  • rushed mornings
  • quick hugs,
  • treasured moments
  • and yes, kisses on my cheek!

I’m thankful for … my family!