SOL 11: My Puppy Poetry


Poetry with pets

I love it!

Puppies and dogs

Golden Retrievers

German Shepherds


Quiet, yet mischievous

Big sappy puppy-dog eyes

Tails wagging

What Did I Do??”

Faithful companion

Such sweetness

Goldie, Lassie, Benji

Love of my childhood

Puppy Poetry


3 Responses to SOL 11: My Puppy Poetry

  1. elsie says:

    Love your poem, makes me think of the dogs I have owned (Hmmmm. . . a future post?) Who hasn’t seen the “What did I do?” look in the pup’s eyes? Thanks for an idea.

  2. the other ruth says:

    So cute MH! You are so good at taking inspiration from things around you, including books. This format looks fun–may have to give it a try.

  3. onesunflower says:

    A favorite author of mine and a book I definitely need to look into. Your post and poem are like the prodding of my own pup: take a walk, take a walk, please let’s take a walk!

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