SOL 12: Priceless

March 12, 2011

Arriving home from a full day, my brain seems blank. Oh, not that I didn’t have experiences today. I’m just slightly tired.

I drove five teenagers to Ohio for a conference and back today. The conversations I heard made me shake my head, laugh out loud, and wonder what else they have been hiding from my motherly ear.

My oldest son told me more school slices than made this mother cringe. He definitely can pull some pranks – like filling his AP English teacher’s mini refrig with tennis balls (she’s the tennis coach) so that when she opened it up, the balls cascaded all over the floor. “The shock on her face was priceless,” he said. Or the time he did a front head roll into class, landing in an upright stance with two thumbs up in front of her, making his history teacher crack up. Or changing his math teacher’s computer background page from the Colts symbol to Tom Brady’s MVP picture, creating a reactionary, “Who did this?” I just kept thinking, “Oh my goodness. I can’t believe his teachers haven’t contacted me.”

My daughter was chuckling, then giggling. I looked at my c0-supportive mom and said, “You hear that. Times that by four and that sound filled my living room last weekend.” She shared stories about someone squirting hand sanitizer on the ceiling in English class.  Her teacher went to the Elmo and the room seemed to begin raining. Then she shared about her friends at lunch. She has to announce to one of her friends, “Ok swallow whatever is in your mouth because this is funny.” E added, “If I don’t warn her, we get spewed.” I just shook my head. What actual learning is happening?

The other teens in the van shared stories and the other mother and I just kept chuckling.

325 miles of travel – $50 in gas.

3 meals dining out – $45

A sneak peek into my teens’ days: priceless.