SOL 14: Lucille Ball plus Junie B. Jones

This past week, I was involved in an RtI meeting (Response to Intervention), brainstorming ideas to help a young fourth grader. The mere mention of C’s name causes an immediate empathetic, “Ohhh”. All of her teachers color their hair due to the persistent manipulative personality of this young lady. C craves adult interaction. She is an attention-seeking addict, controlling her turf. Life outside of school is chaotic, unpredictable, and abrasive.

Focusing on her strengths, C is smart, an excellent reader, and definitely a great vocabulary handler. She’s humorous, tugging smiles and chuckles from those who interact with her. Her teacher is amused by her antics, yet simultaneously annoyed. C uses her skills to get what she wants from others. With her adult-like speech, C articulates like a lawyer. She clarifies and twists the boundaries of what has been asked of her.

I’m intrigued with this young girl, yet dumbfounded. C is queen of the class:  “Manipulation 101”. We struggled coming up with interventions to help C succeed within the boundaries of school rules and social graces with her peers.  Our hope is that we can make a difference with C. Our diligence will be the evidence.

As the team was reviewing C’s plan, her teacher summarized C’s personality with the following equation:

“Having C in my class is like having a mixture of Lucille Ball plus Junie B. Jones.”

Spring break – where are you?


9 Responses to SOL 14: Lucille Ball plus Junie B. Jones

  1. Elizabeth G. says:

    Your description + her “title” paints a perfect picture. I can only imagine the struggles and rewards that happen daily with her in class.

  2. missmoyer says:

    You hooked me with your title, and as I read I felt like you were describing one of my students K-

  3. Becky E. says:

    A great description of a student! As I read I pictured many kiddos I’ve dealt with through the years.

  4. ng says:

    You really captured C’s personality well. Good luck with this intriguing challenge. It appears like C has a lot to offer if she can channel her talents in a more productive way.

  5. Diana Martin says:

    I love the line when you said that the mention of her name gets a empathetic “ohhh”. Teachers totally sound just like that! I could feel the strength of C’s personality through your description. The teacher’s quote made me laugh. Wow, C must be a challenge to say the least.

  6. Tam says:

    Reminds me of my last year of teaching. The girl was very talented but concentrated on all the wrong things. I never got through to her. I hear she continues to visit the office. Wouldn’t be nice to see if they finally get it some day?

  7. Kari Dyer says:

    Sounds like C is quite a girl! You’ve really captured her personality! I especially liked your description, “tugging smiles and chuckles.” Hope all goes well with the interventions being put into place.

  8. the other ruth says:

    I think I know a student or two that would fit that bill. Enjoyed your post, as always!

  9. Carol says:

    We have a C too! Brilliant, great reader and writer but wow, what a handful! It’s hard to keep looking for strengths some days! And we have nine days until break!

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