SOL 18: Tribute

March 18, 2011

As a writer, I am continually learning how to glean ideas and mold the bits into a written art. I read  moments in life from bloggers who are creating art in different, yet similar.

After reading a beautiful tribute to a mother by Babylon Reader, an idea sparked. I connected with the honored item, Ma’s Pocketbook, reminding me of an honored item I treasure, a blue mug. This mug has a simple vine pattern on its exterior. Nothing out of the ordinary, yet very extraordinary.

The color nor the design make this mug special. No, this mug belonged to a fellow teacher. Janelle loved life. Her smile spread cheer to everyone. On Fridays the special education teacher met with us for lunch, and boy did we laugh. We shared and enjoyed the lunch date, refreshing each others spirits.

My first year being a writing coach, my dear friend, Janelle, suddenly became ill after the first day of school. Her body  began to struggle, hitting her pancreas, slowly shutting her organs down.  In less than three weeks, my dear friend passed away. I miss Janelle. I miss her smile and her love of life and our lunch dates. She use to say, “Life’s too short. We have to make the best of each day.”

The blue mug sits in the center of my meeting table  with bright, yellow daisies. It’s a reminder for me to enjoy each day, to laugh and smile.  I’m thankful for that blue mug.