When the Wind Stops

Charlotte Zolotow uses questions to help the reader draw conclusions.  When the Wind Stops by Charlotte Zolotow: Book CoverYoung children have inquisitve minds.  They want to know, to learn how things work. In this book, When the Wind Stops, a young child asks his mother questions about life around him.  Stefano Vitale‘s paintings creates a snapshot of a child’s imagination.

The text takes you though a time line of daily events.  I have found that children often think they need to write about big events in their lives, when the every day activity holds a story.  This rich text is an example of just that – learning from every day life and using your imagination to create more than what is really there.

Savorings for reading and in writing for When the Wind Stops:

  • Setting lead – color description
  • Time line of daily events
  • Wondering book – questions are asked
  • Circular or Cause/Effect movement – from here to there, and there to another place; something ends means beginning something new
  • Teacher Resources – Charlotte Zolotow’s daughters set up her website, which is filled with resources.  The pictures are wonderful for the children to see.


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