SOL 20: How Do You Know Baseball Season Has Begun?

March 20, 2011

Today, I asked my husband, “Do you know how I know baseball season has begun?”

“Uh, Wesley’s baseball cleats are lying in the middle of the floor,” he replied.

“Not this time.”
“Wesley’s bat bag is lying on the couch?” he guessed again.
“Good guess, but not this time – thank goodness.”

My husband thought for a moment and then said, “Got it. You found a pair of dirt-stained baseball pants lying on the bathroom floor?”

“Yes. Scrub, scrub, scrub time is here again,” I pronounced.

Everyday, his white baseball pants have ground-in-dirt stains, deep-red infield stains, or slide-to-catch-the-fly-ball grass stains.  Every night I grab the Oxy Clean and All Stain-Fighting detergent to scrub, scrub, scrub the stains away.

I’m happy to be scrubbing away the winter blues.  Baseball, here we come!