SOL 21: I’m Losing my Memory

Once again, I have left a meeting with things to do.  This time, I have six things to complete by Thursday. I think I’m losing my mind … well at least my memory.

I am usually organized.

I have my school calendar with dates.

I check the electronic calendar at school.

I have a “to do” list that I check and mark off.

I email myself a reminder of things that need to be done.

I use sticky notes on folders as reminders.

I leave a small note pad and pen near on my night stand at night.

Good grief, you would think I would have it together.

Wait a minute, what did I forget???


6 Responses to SOL 21: I’m Losing my Memory

  1. ng says:

    Your have wonderful strategies in place. I am impressed. It is confounding that somehow memory subverts all our attempts to hold on to our thinking. If I do a checklist, I lose it!

  2. the other ruth says:

    Right there with ya, MH!

  3. Linda Baie says:

    Is your spring break about to arrive? Maybe that’s it. You made a poem of all your strategies; I like the way you made the statement, listed, then questioned again.

  4. blkdrama says:

    Breathe… there’s no way to keep all the balls in the air. Breathe…

  5. onesunflower says:

    At least you got your SOL done!

  6. Diana Martin says:

    Maybe you are on memory overload. Like sleep, sometimes I wish I could buy memory. Maybe external hard drives or flashdrives. Yeah, that would help. 🙂

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