SOL 24: Great Laugh for Today

March 24, 2011

The computer room is across the hall from my literacy office. When I am reading posts, the teacher often hears me laugh. We share stories with each other and I have been sending her slices that tickle my funny bone. Laughter is the sweetest and most potent medicine for a tough day.

Today, Abby came over and explained that she has been teaching the second graders how to use type and use the word processor. A typing exercise they did today was about spring. Wonderful. The students typed the open-ended sentence,
“In the spring, I see….”  One little girl typed, “In the spring, I see ratcoons.” (Interesting image).

The other one she shared had me laughing so hard the teachers down the hall began to laugh.  The second grade boy typed,

“In the spring, I see a porta potty and fresh cut grass.”

Everthing but the Horse

March 24, 2011

Holly Hobbie is the author/illustrator of the Toot & Puddle series.  The two friends are adorable. 

The author shares a childhood memory in Everything but the Horse.  As a young girl, she moves to the country, a farm full of potential.  Hollie loved raising the animals.  The only creature missing on the farm was a horse.  She watched the neighbors ride their horses and would pet them in the fields.  Hollie dreamed.  The farm had the barn, hay, bridle, but her family was not in favor.

The love of horses spurred Hollie into drawing them  She went to the library, researched in books, and taught herself to draw horses.

Hollie’s birthday finally came.  her surprise was waiting in the barn.  At this point in my reading, I was just as anxious as Hollie.  Was she getting her horse?  Was her dream coming true?

Savorings for reading and in writing for Everything but the Horse:

  • Memoir
  • Character emotion
  • Exploding the moment
  • Passage of time
  • Perseverance – Holly’s dream spurred her to better herself through drawing.