SOL 28: The 38 Degree Game

Why am I still cold?” my husband just asked me.

“Because we sat outside for over two hours and froze tonight,” I replied.

We definitely love our son. Wes had his first baseball game. The sky was a beautiful clear blue. The sun was shining. Was that beauty ever deceiving! The temperature was 38 degrees with some wind. Brrrrrr. I haven’t taken my sweatshirt off yet.  Our toes froze wrapped up in a blanket.

I had packed hot water bottles in a small cooler, heated up the heat packs, and hoped Wesley could stay warm in between innings.  Did you know those 8 hour hot patches for a back really do help keep fingers warm?  Wesley puts one in his back pants pocket. In between pitches, I kept noticing him slip his hand in his pocket. One of his teammates came over holding a hot pack. “These are awesome. I’m getting one for Wednesday’s game.”

Wednesday, oh, I hope it’s warmer. I love my son, but I would prefer to love him in  warmer weather.



3 Responses to SOL 28: The 38 Degree Game

  1. Deb says:

    Mary Helen, Love goes deep! Everyone is so ready for warm weather. Today I saw kids in t-shirts and shorts. I’m still in my winter coat. 8 hour hot patches…great idea. Smart mom!

  2. the other ruth says:

    Brr….this makes me think I should call my parents and thank them for all the times they sat on bleachers through early spring track meets! Hope you warm up soon.

  3. Becky says:

    Your description brought back memories. I also remember the cold metal bleachers no matter how many layers were beneath you. Perhaps this is a post to save and show your son when he is older.

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