SOL 31: Kids Say the Cutest Things

I have had more fun with kindergarten kids this year. They say the cutest things.

Daily I work with two boys on language skills. We play the “wh” game. They roll the dice to correlating word cards. I ask a question that begins with who, what, where, when, why, or how.

Matt rolled a “who” question. I read: “Who is in charge of the school?”

Matt smiled and said, “Teachers.”

I said, “Okay. Teachers are in charge of children at school. Who is in charge of the teachers?”

The young boy thought and then smiled. “The janitor!”

Our PTO president was nearby and heard the comment. She turned and commented, “Well, I guess Mrs. I (our principal) does clean up messes.”

When I saw Mr. O, our custodian,  and told him about Matt’s comment, he said, “I wouldn’t want to clean up Mrs. I’s messes.”

6 Responses to SOL 31: Kids Say the Cutest Things

  1. tjkfirst says:

    I think you’re little guy had it right, at least at our school!

  2. the other ruth says:

    That cracks me up!! I love how they see things, and you got lucky enough to get a glimpse today. 🙂

    Love it!

  3. hey2blondie says:

    Too funny!

  4. Tam says:

    What a great story! Jot more of these down for next year’s challenge!!! Like a savings account. Great blogging with you.

  5. onesunflower says:

    I’m with Tam, stories about kindergartners are some of the best!

  6. Elizabeth E. says:

    Fun to hear their thinking right out loud. My students (college-aged) also say the darndest things, but instead of thinking they’re cute, we teachers roll our eyes and commiserate! I prefer kindergarteners, that’s for sure.

    Happy Writing–see you next year!

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