How Many Ways Can You Catch a Fly?

April 3, 2011

How Many Ways Can You Catch a Fly? by Robin Page: Book CoverI keep thinking:  “Why is the book intriguing?” I think it’s because the quick-bit informational layout just wets my appetite.

The information is unique. I want to learn more. At the end, each animal is featured with an extending paragraph of facts.  It’s just enough to satisfy for the moment yet also invites the reader to do more research on their own. Steven Jenkins and Robin Page use a question and answer structure to talk to their reader in How Many Ways Can You Catch a Fly?

Each section begins with a question about the animal illustrated. The next page gives a quick synopsis of each. Extending information about each icon is provided in the back of the book

Savorings for reading and in writing for How Many Ways Can You Catch a Fly?:

  • Big question on each page
  • Informational
  • Predicate – verb, article modifier and noun – hatch an egg
  • Illustrations give answers – small creature – reptiles, birds, fish, animals, insects
  • Creative way to write an All About Book