Baseball Books and Tabs

April 10, 2011

Due to my love of baseball, I have created a new tab that lists the baseball books I have read. After a friend commented on my latest book, You Never Heard of Sandy Koufax?, and then another comment from a fellow blogger, I decided to create a baseball section in one of the tabs. I also went to the library and checked out four more books that I will be blogging about. I think it’s fun to talk about history while using a favorite pastime kids can connect with.

I like organization. It helps me find the books I want to read quickly. The new tabs and sections are to help you the reader as well. If you have other suggestions for tabs or organization, I welcome it. Comment and let me know.

Currently, you will find the following tabs with information:

  • About – my start with blogging
  • Content Areas – Health, Science, Social Studies
  • Fun Reads – Baseball books; book that are just fun to read to your kids
  • Index – lists each of the books featured on my blog in alphabetical order
  • Slice of Life stories – all of the slices from the Slice of Life Challenge in March over the past years; any stories about my daily life
  • Touchstone Texts – mentor texts that I use frequently with writer’s workshop; sections include narrative, nonfiction, poetry. These books are not all in-compassing; they are just ones I have found along the way.
  • I have also included a Deep Thinking Read Alouds in the Touchstone Texts. You can definitely use these books for writing mentor texts. I just have found the stories to linger with me long after reading them. They allow you to have some deeper conversations with your students at many grade levels.