Awesome Air Show!

Treat Williams  created a fun read for all kids in Air Show!  He brings an air show to a child, allowing him to experience the love of flying. The delightful, zoomed-in airplanes will grab the attention of your reader. Check out an interview with the illustrator, Robert Neubecker.

Related imageThe text is a hybrid, a mixture of narrative conversation and informational blurbs. The action begins with the pilot radioing in to the to airfield tower as they embark on the air show. The siblings have their own conversation, so realistic, of which airplane each wants to see. When the passengers land, a sign points them in the direction of several planes. The reader opens a full-page flap to see a three page diagram of the air show. How cool is that!

The text then takes you through the airshow, going to one plane and another, each with detail illustrations. Gill, the brother, is excellent at sharing information he’s learned regarding the planes.

Ellie, the sister, wants to fly a stunt plane when she gets older. At the air show, Ellie meets Amelia, a stunt pilot. As copilot, Ellie learns the step by step process of looping an airplane. The illustration is uniquely fun. the text is written in circle shapes, with the plane’s positions paralleling it. On the perimeter of the page, you see Ellie’s facial expressions enlarged.

This text would be an excellent mentor text for kindergarten and first grade students to show details in pictures. The people and planes are models that children can learn from. The kids will enjoy the illustrated movements of the planes.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Air Show!:

  • Ping-pong conversation
  • Airplane lingo – Navajo Nine Five taxi into position
  • Font manipulation
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Large size 12 x 12 with end papers showing the cock pit

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