Distressed or Taking a Rest

April 20, 2011
Slice of Life Tuesdays

School teachers rarely have the pleasure of eating out leisurely for lunch. Today, during our day long intervention team meeting, we decided to treat ourselves out to such an adventure. We shared about family and recent trips during spring break. We laughed at comments we made. We enjoyed each other’s company. It was refreshing.

On the return trip to school, we noticed a small car stopped along the road, in front of the school play yard. As our driver slowly passed by, we noticed a short, white-headed little old lady peeking over the steering wheel. Turning into the drive, we continued to look at her. “She looks like my grandma,” one teacher said.
“I wonder if she needs help,” another stated the words in my head.
Our driver stopped. I volunteered to get out and check. We knew we needed to get back to our meeting, but this stranded soul needed our help. The wind bitterly whipped around me as I came closer to her vehicle. Her car lights were turned off. As she spied me, she rolled down her window.
“Ma’am, do you need any help?” I inquired sincerely and with concern.
Looking calmly at me, the elderly lady politely replied, “No, I was just talking on the phone” as she held up the cell phone. I smiled and bid her a good day, returning to the car.
A smile began to creep over my face, getting bigger and bigger.  “Well, does she need help?”
“No. She was just talking on the phone.”  I was amused. The lady was trying to be safe by not talking on the electronic device yet stopped on a busy state highway only a few feet away from our school parking lot.
“Bless her heart,” my friend stated.”She was only trying to be safe.”