SOL: a Wheelchair to the Rescue

My youngest son twisted his ankle on Friday. Although sore, he went to baseball practice for two hours on Saturday. While at practice, a helmet-first-slide into his stone-wall-catch caused a large bruise on his shin. His foot hurt more as he limped into the house.

On Sunday, baseball beckoned him again. This time, the running created a “pop” in his foot. His foot swelled. By Monday morning, he could barely put any pressure on it. After x-rays, the doctor pronounced he has a serious sprain in his foot – and no running for the week.

Heading to school on crutches today, the pain bothered him. The school nurse is a friend, so I emailed later in the day. Her reply made me chuckle. “His arms were getting sore, so I loaned him the wheelchair. He seems to be doing fine. Tim has 3 or 4 pretty girls wheeling him around and carrying his books.”

The wheelchair came to his rescue.  It eased his pain.  Tim’s already thinking that he needs to use the wheelchair again tomorrow. Besides, how could he resist the female attention?

One Response to SOL: a Wheelchair to the Rescue

  1. the other ruth says:

    Why am I not surprised that a child of yours would turn a negative into such a strong positive? 🙂
    Hope his foot heals soon and that he’s enjoying the companionship of his concerned (female!) classmates!

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