SOL: Morning Noises

Quiet mornings are delightful, especially in the summer. I sit at my favorite spot at the end of the couch near the windows. The sun shines all around, sprinkling joy on the flowers outside. A gentle breeze waves hello to the leaves and grass blades. And the birds. Their sweet songs bless my ears with a cheerfulness.

My quiet time for reflection, prayer, and writing was interrupted this morning by my cat. Kip was lazily sleeping on the coach near me, when suddenly, he perked. His ears twitched and he was upright. I thought, “I don’t hear anything. What’s unusual?”

As Kip jumped to the open window, his eyes were alert on the tree. I looked. Awe, now I hear it! A bird was busily pecking at the bark, hunting for its morning’s breakfast. Only when my ears were tuned in did I notice the distinct tap-tap-tap it made.

I smiled. Kip and I were kindred spirit, enjoying the delights of a quiet morning.

2 Responses to SOL: Morning Noises

  1. the other ruth says:

    I like the quiet of early morning that allows me to hear sounds I don’t hear later in the day, when our busy house wakes up. I know it’s the same at your house, and I like feeling that this morning time is sort of shared among friends, even though we’re far apart. 🙂

  2. onesunflower says:

    My favorite time of day too, and your description of only hearing when you see rang true for me too.

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