I love otters! They are so fun to watch at the zoo. They are full of energy – all the time – and have fun.  Jim Arnosky uses his picture sketches to share the meaning coupled with a simplistic text in Otters Under Water.  Most pages have one sentence or just a phrase. 

Jim is a naturalist, spending hours sketching and observing in their natural habitat. This informational text shows young children how to share facts in a meaningful and engaging format. Older students could use the simplistic text to create books for younger children about animals they have researched.

The text causes the reader to focus on the different sentence structures. It’s a great way to illustrate different parts of speech, especially clauses and prepositional phrases. The predicate is split into different parts, allowing you to focus on how a sentence can be built. The overall text creates the playful environment that they otters live in.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Otters Under Water:

  • Detail Illustrations
  • Informational
  • Parts of speech
  • Setting lead
  • Circular ending

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