SOL: Taco Dip + Painted Toenails = Writing Group

July 19, 2011

Tonight I had so much fun at our writing group. We try to meet once a month and we hadn’t been together since AllWrite!!! Summer Institute. We share ideas, comment on our blogs, and provide feedback on our writing through email throughout the weeks. But a meeting – now that is accountability! I want to bring something to the table and so our meeting date provides a deadline for me. The others in our group share the same drive.

Tonight was slightly different since we met at our of our members homes (thanks to the other Ruth). We brought food (the dip was delicious) and shared about our families over laughter at the table. Interjected throughout, we would ask about how writing was going. We reassured that we were growing as writers, no matter if we had written thousands of words or only had gathered ideas in our notebooks.  We collect ideas.  We play with words. We are writers.

Tonight we had a special touch to our meeting. As we moved into the living room, Ruth’s daughter readily volunteered to paint our toenails. With notebooks out and conversation being shared, each of us received a pedicure we will not forget. M rubbed our feet and legs, relaxing us. We oohed and awwwed and loved the moment of pampering. Yes, and in between lovely massage, we reviewed our writing. It was the best. I think we were even more productive due to the delightful environment.

Tonight I remember. Tonight I smile. Tonight I write.