Our Tree Named Steve

Alan Zweibel captures the love of a growing through a familiar icon – a tree in Our Tree Named Steve. This tree isn’t ordinary though – it’s huge, beautiful, and versatile. 

Dad writes a letter to his three kids, who are visiting Grandma. In the letter, he reminds them of memories Steve has shared with them. As the letter comes to a close, Dad explains that Steve crashed and now has transformed into another special place – “in a different tree at the other end of our yard.”

David Catrow warms your heart with his delightful illustrations. He brings to life the personified tree-friend. Steve, lovingly named by the two-year old, became a pillar for the family. His large presence provided a place to play, relax, and share. Through the years, Steve stays strong and comforting.

This text crafts the ordinary events of our lives into special memories. You could use Our Tree Named Steve as a mentor text for kid’s writing childhood memories. Another idea is to choose a favorite object and write about its uses.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Our Tree Named Steve:

  • Letter format
  • Comma in series
  • Figurative language – “haircut that made him look like a big thumb
  • Personification – the tree was their friend
  • Surprise Ending – a tree house after the crash



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