Big Dreams

August 8, 2011

Franklin loves the moon. He wants to go to the moon. He gazes and imagines what fun it would be when his quiet room is interrupted by an engineer coming through. Three separate modes of transportation are built through Franklin’s room – a railroad, a runway, then a canal. After all the noise has died down, he drifts into a magical night.

In Franklin’s Big Dreams, David Teague  uses a repeating structure. As you move from one scene to the next, your students will begin to predict what is happening with Franklin. Why is the plane going through the room? Who are the people on the train? Is Franklin actually dreaming during this time?

Boris Kulikov‘s illustrations foreshadow the events of the evening. Franklin’s room is decorated with a stem, engine, an airplane, and a ship. I noticed the steam engine was smoking on this toy track after the live train had moved through his room. This peaked my interest into what other foreshadowing illustrations were interwoven throughout the story.  You can view the illustrations on David Teague’s website.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Franklin’s Big Dreams:

  • Foreshadowing
  • Everyday happening – daydreaming while looking at the moon
  • Vocabulary – perturbed, miffed
  • Repeating Structure
  • Transitions