Will You Read to Me?

Denys Cazet pens an adorable narrative that will capture an book lover’s heart. Hamlet, the pig, loves to read and write. With a notebook in hand, Hamlet notices his surroundings and writes. His sensory description captures the beauty of the moment. His sentiment for literature is not shared by his family, though. As Hamlet consistently asks, “Will You Read to Me?‘,  his pig parents seem to be interested in other daily activities, such as eating.

Searching for someone to share his poetry with, Hamlet takes to interacting with his reflection. Unbeknown to him, an animal audience listens and asks for more. Surprised, yet pleased, Hamlet obliges.

Savorings for reading and in writing for “Will You Read to Me?”:

  • Hybrid text – narrative with poetry inlaid
  • Sensory Detail
  • Living like a Writer
  • Child-like conversation
  • Past-tense verbs – shouted, shoved, pushed
  • Magic of 3 – “The breeze rattled the cattails, brushed Hamlet’s face, and then it was quiet.”

One Response to Will You Read to Me?

  1. Linda Baie says:

    This looks just delightful. I can see so many uses for it with students, but also for a granddaughter! Thanks for the review!

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