SOL: Who Signed Me Up for This?

School has begun. The first day of school I spent some time helping in a kindergarten class. The students were putting their supplies and beginning a coloring paper at the table. One little boy kept getting out of his seat and walking around. On Back to School Night, he had introduced himself to his teacher. “I Dominick. I 5. I run” and proceeded to run around the class.

After thirty minutes into class, the teacher had the children on the carpet, reading a story. Little Dom got up, tapped his teacher on the shoulder, and pronounced, “I done. You take me home now.”

I stifled a laugh.

After sharing the story with my senior son, he said, “He’s got a loooong educational career ahead of him.”


6 Responses to SOL: Who Signed Me Up for This?

  1. elsie says:

    I think it’s the teacher who has a looooong year ahead of her. Oh, the change that will happen to little Dom. It will be an interesting journey.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I agree, Elsie, it is the teacher with the looong year. What a great story about one of the little ones, though. You have to feel sympathy for those tired little kids who aren’t ready for all that happens. Love also the I I Dominick I 5 I run. Who could imagine that line but the real deal?

  3. At least Dom has language to express his deepest desires. After all my time getting my classroom ready, I feel the way he does today. I done, I want to go home!

  4. Tam says:

    My grandson said about the same thing last year when he entered Kindergarten. It has to be fun to see all those things happen. Keep those great stories coming in. It makes my day!

  5. Nora says:

    I enjoyed your slice very much. Dominick sounds like such a character. I think I will steal his “I done”.

  6. Wanda Brown says:

    There will be days when the teacher will want to say, “I run!” Those who seem to be the most challenging, often make the most identifiable gains. In the spring Dom won’t even resemble his fall self.

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