Animals at this Moment

Jim Arnosky invites his readers to imagine what animals are doing around the world in his book, At this Very Moment. On back en papers, Jim shares with the reader some of his thoughts on the featured animals. His love for nature resonates. He explains where each animal is located in the wild from his observations.

Whenever I think of them [animals], I am transported momentarily to their part of the world. And I  become aware again that my life is happening simultaneously to theirs.”

Jim invites readers to imagine what animals are doing throughout the day. His text has a gentle rhyme that creates daydreams. His illustrations illuminate the beautiful surroundings and brings you near o them as they stare at you from their habitat. The text is simple enough for young children to understand and leave with an appreciation for wildlife. Older students will reflect on his word choice and learn new facts.

Savorings for reading and in writing for At this Very Moment:

  • Magic of 3
  • Visualization – “pretend you’re hearing lions
  • Repeating Line – “all at this very moment
  • Compare/Contrast – animals doing an activity in two parts of the world
  • Parallel Structure – what an animal is doing at the same time we are doing something

2 Responses to Animals at this Moment

  1. Donna Smith says:

    That must be an interesting read. I have never thought about animals much in this way, but I think that about people a lot and try to get kids to think about it when we talk about Australia or Peru. Night vs. day, spring vs. fall, etc. means very different activities are happening simultaneously on the earth depending on where you live and your circumstances. Good for kids to get thinking about that!

  2. Wanda Brown says:

    I will have to order this one…I love Jim Arnosky’s take on nature!

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