Author: Kevin Henkes

Author Tidbits: a Pleasing Bit of Information

Kevin Henkes’s books create a springboard to build classroom community. Your students will think of several self-to-text connections that will invite class discussions. These connections will also lead to stories they relate with and can write about. One book focuses on accepting others in Chrysanthemum. View the below trailer (45 seconds) to introduce the book and spark predictions.

Greenwillow interviewed Kevin Henkes about his new book, Little White Rabbit. They produced a 2 minute video focusing on the writing process. Kevin shares how he rereads his text several times to make sure the words sounds exactly the way he wants it to. Kids need to hear authors revise by rereading, a simple yet necessary way to help their writing.

The fall season reminds me of the book, Old Bear. Click on the link to read an older post and the savorings you can use with this book.

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse is one of my favorite books. Kevin Henkes molds an everyday event into a story of forgiveness and restoration. Lilly is a young student who embraces school. She loves the activities and adores her teacher. Mr. Slinger creates an environment of fun and creativity. I love how Kevin Henkes highlights writing and drawing by have a learning station in the classroom.

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