SOL: Football Rain

52 degrees outside, rain…


steadily falling, umbrella

overhead, socks

warming, hoodie, long-sleeved

shirt, rain coat

towel drying the bleacher, blankets

protecting our legs, rain…rain…rain…

football player drenched, energized

on the field, play by play by

play, defense holding, offense

scoring, fans

cheering, cheering, cheering through

to a sweet underdog


Rain…rain…rain… did

NOT dampen us to


Go Wildcats! Score!


2 Responses to SOL: Football Rain

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Hi Mary Helen. I don’t think this slice is up for Two Writing teachers. I get your posts through my feed. Great capture of the time-what a loyal fan you are-rain, rain, rain. I love the story in it. I grew up in MO so know what that’s like. Here in CO not so much, just cold.

  2. An “underdog win” is the best way to end a game in the rain! That is dedication–and it is always nice when dedication reaps results!

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