Punctuation Celebration

Punctuation skills are a necessity. the marks create voice and emotion. Punctuation Celebration brings some fun into your teaching. Twelve marks are introduced with a poetic definition and a frolic poem. Examples of the punctuation usage are shared. Each one can be a mentor text for your kids. Jenny Whitehead integrates the punctuation mark throughout her illustrations.

A class book idea: Using Magazines, have your students find examples of the punctuation in advertisements and articles. Create charts or books with the cut-out strips. What a great way for children to learn how punctuation is used.

A brief one minute YouTube video highlights the author and her working area.

Savoring for reading and in writing for Punctuation Celebration:

  • Poetry
  • Personification
  • Creating visuals of the conventions
  • Punctuation usage

One Response to Punctuation Celebration

  1. pwsatusf2012 says:

    This book seemed great for teaching kids that are new to punctuation. After the basic knowledge it’s good have a stepping stone to next level of punctuation without overwhelming kids. A book I recommend as that stepping stone is The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation by Jane Straus. It’s very effective and informative.

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