SOL: The Power of a Vowel

Children say the funniest things. It’s priceless catching the moment. Everyone needs some type of comic relief, and I love sharing these little bits of nothing with my colleagues.

Vowels are so important in our language. The smallest sound changes the meaning of a word.

One young first grader was writing diligently in his book during writer’s workshop. When I conferred with him, Ernie looked up with excitement in his eyes.  “Mrs. Gensch, I’m writing about bulls. When I was like two years old, I went to a RADIO and saw a bull-fight. Those bulls are mean. Their horns can hurt people!”

I smiled and applauded his enthusiasm. Radio. Rodeo. Close enough.

7 Responses to SOL: The Power of a Vowel

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Love those little moments. What a cute story. I’ve had a few mis-takes even with my middle school aged students.
    And-thanks for the punctuation book review. It looks like a good addition to the skills books.

  2. elsie says:

    Funny! Moments like these are the ones we need to remember when parents and mandates start to get us down.

  3. Hilarious! This reminds of the importance of consonants as well. I once had a student who wrote an entire paper about Will Smith’s rapping career. Only he didn’t know to double the consonant. It was an entirely different paper!

  4. Kelly Mogk says:

    Interesting spelling from our kiddos are some of my favorite! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Steph McCabe says:

    These stories are my favorites. Thanks for making me laugh!


  6. blkdrama says:

    I can hear his voice. Are you using something digital to capture these gems,

  7. A friend of mine shared a story about an experience in Egypt where she taught for two years in a high school. One assignment was designed to help teacher and students learn more about each others religions through mutual exploration. One of her Muslim students presented a Power Point about “The Last Super.” My Christian teacher friend had a good chuckle.

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