SOL: Comfy Pajamas

November 8, 2011

As I was going about my morning routine, tossing in a load of laundry before hitting the shower, my mind lingered on my soft, comfortable pajamas. I love them! My husband gave them to me last Christmas, a loving gift of relaxation. He knows how crazy our schedule is, juggling family, activities, and personal goals. The pajamas represent more than clothing. They are a symbol of clarity and comfort.

Comfy Pajamas

There’s something magical

about comfy pajamas

like a potion weaved through the cotton,

threads soothing tension away.


Sliding my legs and arms in

one by one

I’m instantly comforted,




Menial tasks are pleasurable wearing

my comfy pajamas

No wonder I change early in the evening,

cozily embraced.


Lounging in my PJs,

clears my thinking,

as I commence

to writing.