Small Poetry

Jaime Adoff collection of poems focus on the theme of being small in Small Fry. His perspective gives you a glimpse of trials and triumphs being short can be. I envision these poems will ignite conversations within your classroom and poem sharing their wishes.  Mike Reed illustrations the feels inlaid in the text. View an interview with Jaime Adoff as he talks about the influences his parents, Virginia Hamilton and Arnold Adoff, had on him as a writer.

  • No Fun Allowed focuses on not being tall enough for an amusement ride.
  • Cool Fun Fort Forever shines on the imaginative play young children can have.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Small Fry:

  • Narrative-like poems
  • Kid Voice
  • Varied types of poems – long skinny, stanzas, questions, short, conversational
  • Connections
  • Everyday Happenings

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