SOL: Thanksgiving

November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving reflects a goal I work at each day – staying positive and being a bucket-filler. My smile has widened tonight with the many slices I have read.

Thanksgiving reflections for today:

  1. My husband – our twentieth anniversary is tomorrow, Nov. 23. I’m thankful he supports my endeavors and is by side always.
  2. My kids – three teenagers bring love to its fullest, conversations to its deepest, and hairs to its grayest.
  3. My writing group – Ruth, the other Ruth, Tam, Tammy, you are the BEST! Thank you!
  4. SOL community – You are an inspiration. We reflect, nudge, and encourage each other. I loved meeting everyone at the breakfast.
  5. NCTE – refreshed with new ideas to spur me onward and AllWrite!!! for providing the funding
  6. My job – teaching touches many lives.
  7. Laughter – I love laughing and am thankful the laughter supports a safe environment for my students to learn in.
  8. My parents – who still listen, give advice, and share in my everyday happenings
  9. My father-in-law – Living with us is a pleasure, not a burden. I’m thankful my children are learning from you as you share in our lives.
  10. Colleagues who brighten my day