SOL: Why my Mind is Tired

November 29, 2011

Thoughts on my mind(as a conversation):

  • snow – I wonder if we will have a delay tomorrow? I could use the time to write. 🙂
  • thankfulness – Wes is safe after going into the ditch due to a drunk driver (yes, the car is fine too but not his IPod that went into the water that was leaking into his car. At least the electronic can be replaced and not my son.) Need to check his tires.
  • Kindle – my daughter investigating, wanting one for many, many reasons (yes, I get to use it too, which would be a plus. I’m just not sure if I want to read books electronicly. I like the feel of paper. But, it would save carrying books around during down times of waiting. I might like it.)
  • writing group next Friday – can’t wait! Read the query letter and it got me excited again. Need to work on my chapters some more
  • article – nudged, challenged to write an article about my connection to The Junkyard Wonder. I like the idea. I definitely can tell a story about a child who struggled with reading (yes, I remember the buzzard reading group and the horrid SRA kits. Don’t get me started!!!!!)
  • presentation proposal – should I present one or two sessions in March? Not sure. I like the idea of trying it, but do I have time to get both organized? (yes, this would be good for me. It would allow me to have an alive audience to share my thinking and learning about finding craft in the books you love.)
  • laundry – skipping that
  • homeless shelter – served food tonight to 17 men and 15 women plus 6 kids. They were grateful; I was reflective. We have so much!