Author: Nancy Carlson

Author Tidbits: a Pleasing Bit of Information

Nancy Carlson is a fun author/illustrator of more than 60 children’s books. Our guidance counselor uses several of Nancy Carlson’s books as she sprinkles each book with a message of encouragement, hope, and affirmation. With today being a snow day and the busy season ahead, I was reminded of  Nancy’s book, Take Time to Relax.

Nancy celebrates imagination and creativity . In her interview, Nancy quotes a kindergartener saying,

‘An illustrator is the person who writes the pictures.’ For them, the pictures tell the stories.”

To connect with her community, Nancy blogs her doodles daily at . She explains her ideas and shows you her doodles. In her website, you can sign up for a newsletter from Nancy and find some lessons for community building.  Young writers and illustrators will enjoy “meeting” the author and seeing her work in progress in the YouTube video below.

To learn how to draw one of her characters, Henry, watch the 2 minute YouTube video that follows.

Nancy talks directly to her young audience about bullying in the below 1 min 30 sec video clip. Henry and the Bully features how first graders learn to ask for help and solve a problem with a bullying issue.

Enjoy learning about Nancy Carlson and introduce your children to situations they connect with.

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  1. Wow, she is delightful!

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