Santa’s Stuck

Children welcome Santa with their plates full of cookies and other goodies. Santa is nearing the end of his Christmas Eve venture Santa's Stuck by Rhonda Greene: Book Coverand is lured to have one more tasty treat. As he relaxes in a comfy chair, Santa’s one dessert treat leads to another. Rhonda Gowler Greene use of vivid verbs and rhyme creates a fun read your children will be delighted with.

Henry Cole draws the reader’s attention to specifics in the scenes – Santa’s belly, a button popping off, the reindeer waiting above. In each wide angled scene, another view is shared with a zoomed-in-circle overlay.

With too many treats eaten, Santa’s attempt to leave is stopped – he’s stuck in the chimney. Each animal comes to the rescue – the reindeer, a dog, a mother cat and six kittens, and finally a mouse. With the use of teamwork, they push and pull Santa out.

Savorings for reading and writing for Santa’s Stuck:

  • Voice – a question to the reader the author answers with you: “One more cookie? Couldn’t hurt.
  • Vivid Verbs – nestled, gathers, shrugs, entices
  • Rhyming Text
  • Stair-step structure – one more thing is added to the prior scene
  • Sound effects – onomatopoeia but also the font adds to show effort “No -o -o -o luck

One Response to Santa’s Stuck

  1. Oh my, what fun! Ahhh, the KG kids I’m working with would absolutely love this book!

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