Author/ Illustrator: Henry Cole

Author Tidbits: a Pleasing Bit of Information

Henry Cole is better known for his illustrations, but is an author as well. Henry has a created a lusciously illustrated chapter book in  A Nest for Celeste. The story takes place in the 1820s in Louisiana where Audubon and his assistant spent time observing birds in their natural setting.

On Henry’s website, you will find a fun tab for your students in Elmer’s Art Room. Henry Cole has collaborated with author, Pamela Duncan Edwards, on several books.  Your students will enjoy meeting Henry Cole during his video clip.

Henry Cole illustrates Celeste the mouse in a minute and a half. Wow!

In an interview, Henry explains how the theme of A Nest of Celeste is about friendship. He use to have field mice as pets when he was a boy and he loves animals. View a short interview (almost 5 min.)  for a Florida Book Award 2010. Henry shares where his ideas came from and some of the pages of the book are seen.

2 Responses to Author/ Illustrator: Henry Cole

  1. Linda Baie says:

    It’s a beautiful book with much to enjoy within. One of the classes I work with used it as a read aloud. Their class unit this year is birds, so it was a delightful read for them. Thanks for the extra info; I’ll send it on!

  2. Tam says:

    Thanks for sending this my way. This is, Mary Helen, one of my favorite books now thanks to your thoughtfulness! I enjoyed seeing the author/illustrator and the story behind the story. The author was right when he said the pictures draw you in.

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