A Nature Preserve

After reading On Meadowview Street, I thought of spring and decided to save the post for April. While researching and writing the author post on Henry Cole, I decided to add in this cheery book. Besides, Florida is not experiencing the snow and cold we are, which I am looking forward to in three weeks. 🙂

Henry Cole persuades his readers to observe and enjoy nature in his book On Meadowview Street. He invites you to linger in the sun, feeling the grass through your toes and a gentle breeze patting your skin. Enjoy some sunshine while you read his book.

Caroline arrives at her new home on Meadowview Street. Each of the houses look similar with a plain, normal front yard. As her father begins to mow the yard, she notices a lone wildflower in her yard. Preserving it, her patch of garden grows into a meadow. Her family plants a tree for shade and a pond for water. Their normal front yard transforms into a nature preserve, inspiring the neighbors.

Savorings for reading and in writing for On Meadowview Street:

  • Character Thinking
  • Nature Connection – observing the world around us
  • One day story – set in the middle of the narrative for emphasis, a turning point
  • Plural Possessive – Jacksons’
  • Every Day happening

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