I Love my Mama

In a rhythmic, narrative, the reader ambles after the toddler elephant in the jungle. Interwoven emotion brings to life the love of a parent and her child in I Love My Mama. Peter Kavanagh presents intriguing facts your young students will comprehend. It’s a creative way to connect a nonfiction text on elephants.

Compare and contrast the relationship, daily events, and setting of the elephant and humans. You can also talk about fact and opinion. This discussion will lend itself to some research. Learn ten facts about baby elephants at this link.

The YouTube video clip (2 min.) shows a baby “Baylor” elephant interacting with his mother at the Houston Zoo.

Savorings for reading and in writing for I Love My Mama:

  • Bookends – love between mama and her calf
  • Setting Lead
  • “inging” words (word part vs. present participle verb) – morning, nothing vs. stomping, playing
  • Theme – family’s bond
  • Poetic narrative




2 Responses to I Love my Mama

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Since my daughter prefers to be called Mama instead of Mommy, this is a perfect gift for her and her daughter (2 1/2). It looks wonderful! Thanks.

  2. Rachel Mary Bean says:

    What a sweet video. Thanks for sharing!

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