Santa Duck

Santa Duck by David Milgrim: Book CoverDavid Milgrim‘s writing style reminds me of Mo Willems. The animals are talking to each other in an everyday conversational tone with narration interwoven.

Duck heads out on Dec. 24 to share his wish list with Santa. A present has mysteriously appeared on his front step – a Santa red hat and coat. The animals Duck meets on his journey assume he is Santa’s helper and begin sharing the wish lists. Upon meeting Santa, Santa Duck is surprised and blessed with compliments. Santa is appreciative of duck, who sings himself asleep.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Santa Duck:

  • Speech bubbles vs. Think bubbles
  • Interjections – “Whoa baby!
  • Character feeling
  • Apostrophe with possessive nouns
  • Inference – you can sense Santa Duck’s increased frustration with each animal he encounters

One Response to Santa Duck

  1. Donna Smith says:

    Sounds like a very cute story. It’s nice when there are so many great teaching gems in a book!

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