SOLC: Niece’s Poem


I miss that place

Where I used to be:

My childhood land

With the lavender tree.

I miss that grass,

And those golden fields,

The times we used twigs

For our makeshift shields.

I miss that pond,

With the brand-new deck,

Where we’d use a canoe

To make our trek.

I miss that barn,

With the musty stalls,

Which I never minded,

Never minded at all.

I miss the house

On the big, tall hill

With the dark green shutters

Above the windowsills.

I miss our swings

And the climbing tree

That stained our hands

And feet and knees.

I miss the horses

And their comforting smell

With sparkling eyes that

Held my secrets well.

I miss the path running

Through the woods

Where I skipped and laughed

As lively as I could.

I miss my grandfather

and his good ol’ dogs

and doing chores

and catching frogs.

I miss my grandmother

And her sweet smile

As I sat in her kitchen

And did dishes awhile.

I miss those strays,

The cats we had,

Whose kittens we’d catch

And get scratched real bad.

I miss those days

As we lay in the sun

Soaking up all the rays

And just having our fun.

I miss those cats,

And their colorful fur,

Especially Buttercup,

My favorite, her.

I miss dear Grandma

And her warm hugs

And her talent and her laugh

And her homemade rugs.

I miss ol’ Gramps,

And his mischievous ways

and him talkin’ fast

and us balin’ the hay.

I miss that path

That meandered in the trees

Where the branches creaked

And whispered in the breeze.

I miss the horses,

And the bridle leather

And feeding them oats

In all kinds of weather.

I miss the swing,

All knotted and worn,

And the mulberry tree

Where our clothes were torn.

I miss that hill,

With our little house,

That held just us

And sometimes a mouse.

I miss that barn

With the stalls and hayloft

Where the sparrows gathered

And the hay was soft.

I miss the pond

Where my favorite horse died

And I sat next to the water

And I remember I cried.

I miss the grass

That grew thin and tall

And hid all the bugs

And stole our baseballs.

I miss that place

From my childhood,

But I’ll never forget it.

I don’t think I could.

12 Responses to SOLC: Niece’s Poem

  1. Linda Baie says:

    It’s a lovely walk in this return to the past, and your niece gave us beautiful pictures to imagine as she journeyed. The rhythm, and the rhyme are terrific, could be a song! Thanks much!

  2. Stacey says:

    Your niece takes us on a wonderful journey into her childhood and what was so glorious about it. Like Linda, I liked the rhyme patterns. What I also liked, believe it or not, was her use of the words that and those. While I don’t know the trees or the cats she was referring to, she knows and it almost makes the reader feel like they’re in-the-know with regard to the items she refers to in the poem.

  3. Donna Smith says:

    Very sweet and timeless. Even if you didn’t have the exact memories in the poem, they brought back your own.

  4. tjkfirst says:

    love love love it. so many memories stirred and brought back to my heart. I worry that too many kids today won’t have memories like these to write about and remember. How do you write a moving poem such as this about video games and cell phones. Your niece has a gift, a gift of writing and lovely memories.

  5. Ruth says:

    I like the title. I think it sets up the poem. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ruth says:

    PS — Tell T. to start a blog. 🙂

  7. Reidun says:

    I like how the poem really reflects a journey. You walk deep into the memories and get to see them all again on your way out. Tell you niece to blog. I am a senior in college and I started this year. It has been a great experience and an excellent output for my own writing 🙂

  8. JenniferM says:

    A beautiful poem full of so much feeling! I was nodding and feeling tugs at my heart while I read many of the lines — I have so many similar memories. And yes, she should jump in to the blogging world, even if it’s just to post slices!

  9. I love this part best because the image is vivid, but it left me with questions:

    I miss the horses

    And their comforting smell

    With sparkling eyes that

    Held my secrets well.

  10. Tam says:

    So many memories all wrapped up into one poem–lovely. I encourage her to keep this and all her writings in a safe place. They will be priceless to her and continue to remind her of good times. I still have my writings from the past–it’s like smelling a perfume again and memories come flowing out again…………..

  11. onesunflower says:

    I felt like I was taking a walk into a painting.

  12. Do North says:

    You poem, brings me back to my own memories. It is so beautifully specific and yet so universal. Thanks.

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