Amazing Austrailian Animals

Marianne Berkes sculpts a rhythmic text in Over in Australia: Amazing Animals Down Under. The text’s foundational structure is based upon the song, Over in the Meadow. Students will interact with the text, building fluency.

The Australian animal kingdom is the theme of this hybrid text. Each page features a mother and her babies, teaching specific vocabulary and verbs. Jill Dubin’s illustrations are adorable collages within the natural setting. She mingles texture into her illustrations, creating a 3D effect.

To connect your students to live animals, view the YouTube video of Steve Irwin at the Autralia Zoo Tour. (3 min. and 21 sec.)

Savorings for reading and in writing for Over in Australia: Amazing Animals Down Under:

  • Math connections – counting 1 to 10
  • Musical rhythm
  • Repeating Structure
  • Class book – interactive writing about your class, stats, subject matter
  • Verbs – past tense with suffix -ed
  • Surprise ending

8 Responses to Amazing Austrailian Animals

  1. Hi Mary Helen – visiting you back 🙂 What you have here is close to a PPB post, just lacking some info. Check out the PPB tab on my blog if you like and you can see the format we use – you just have to scroll all the way down to the bottom, past the lists. Thanks so much for your interest!

  2. Sounds like a fun and educational book for parents and children alike.

  3. Linda Baie says:

    This sounds like a lot of fun, especially to sing the song along. We just saw a PBS special about the plight of Kangaroos in Australia. Interesting to learn about other places, especially books like this one you reviewed for younger children.

  4. I love your list of savorings! It seems that no matter what grade/subject/unit a person is teaching, you have a connection!

  5. I’m so glad you commented on my post so that I could discover your delightful blog!

    This sounds like such a good book. I’ve always been fascinated by Australian animals.

  6. JenFW says:

    Ohmygosh. I stopped in my reading tracks when I read “sculpts a rhythmic text.” I am not making this up. I’m envisioning that literally.

    I am an embroiderer, and I have long wanted to embroider a poem. I don’t mean embroider the words of a poem on fabric, but, rather, employ color and stitches in some poetic form.


  7. Carol Bender says:

    Wonderful! I clicked to look inside and enjoyed Marianne’s web site too.

  8. Hi, MaryHelen!
    Thank you so much for your kind comment! It is so nice to discover your lovely blog! Over in Australia looks like a wonderful book (and Steve Irwin was such a bright light, he is truly missed).

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