Getting Your License

January 23, 2012

I couldn’t wait to get my license. Neither could my son. He was thrilled when the day came for him to go to the license branch: take the test, park and change lanes correctly, get his picture. License in hand, his grin told the world, I’m 16. I’m grown-up. I can drive.

Our son began “driving” when he was very young. He drove his Matchbox cars around, his Tonka trucks, and his red wagon. He was a driver. Driving is instinctive for boys. They make broom, broom noises and putter around. You can only smile when you see a little one maneuvering around.

Hallie Durand grabbed this playfulness and created an adorable, fun book in Mitchell’s License. On the book jacket, she explains the origin of the game from an invented game her husband created for their children’s bedtime routine.

At age 3, Mitchell officially drives himself to bed on his remote control car (his dad). Sitting on his dad’s shoulders, Mitchell checks the engine and steers carefully, going from one place to another, ultimately finding his bed.

The story emulates the bong between father and son. I find the book to creative, taking an every-day moment and composing a story. Our kids can remember fun activities they imagined doing. This story triggered a memory of my oldest when he was 3 years old pulling his wagon. I was the gas station. Your kids could remember too. Read and wait for the stories to arise.

Savorings for reading and in writing for Mitchell’s License:

  • Small Moment – bedtime routine
  • Make Believe – a dad transforms into a car
  • Kinder and first grade – illustrations your children will imitate
  • Magic of 3
  • Specific language about a vehicle – coasted, honk, blinkers

Warsaw Community Public Library (new book – 2011; Candlewick Press)