SOLC: Happy Birthday

January 31, 2012

My daughter is fifteen today. Fifteen.


She is beautiful, loving, and FIFTEEN.

She interacts with friends easily,

participates in class, and in general, is helpful.

She’s daddy’s girl with his true, blue eyes,

loves golf and smiling with him.

She’s adored, cherished, and protected

by dad plus two brothers. 🙂

She advocates for herself and others who don’t.

She’s a good friend, a listener and encourager.

She’s a flutist, a freshman, and

giggles incessantly at the little things.

She’s my only daughter, the young lady who shares her dreams,

makes my heart swell with joy, love, and admiration.

Her smiles and written words are posted nearby,

melting my heart.

My daughter is fifteen, FIFTEEN!

I love her.

Happy Birthday, E!