SOLC: 10 Cents

February 7, 2012

We are privileged to have my father-in-law in our home. After the love of his life passed away, he joined us, adding a richness to our family. I miss my mother-in-law. She had an exceptional way of loving and accepting people unconditionally. Her warmth is cherished in my heart.

Sharing stories at the dinner table is a favorite, especially when Dad G shares. My father-in-law had a smug smile when he shared this slice about his wife.

They had gone shopping. Their cart was full, and Betty was busy unloading the cart. My father-in-law had lingered back, checking out a magazine. Normally he was there helping, but not this particular day. Another gentleman had come in behind Betty, holding his couple of items. As the cashier was ending, the man had put his purchases down and pulled out his change.
Meanwhile, my mother-in-law finished with her last product and listened for the total.

“$67.10 is the total,” the cashier stated.
Immediately, my mother-in-law reached back to the open hand of change, never looking up, and began to dig around for the one dime she needed.

At this point in the story, Dad G said, “You see, I always was behind her ready with a handful of change. So Betty was really surprised when she heard,
‘That’s okay lady, just make sure you leave a little change for me.’

We started laughing, deep-down-bottom-of-your-gut kind of laughing.
“What did grandma do?” our youngest asked.
Dad G paused, smiled, and said, “She didn’t say anything at first except for ‘oooohhh’ and was red in the face.”

We laughed some more and shared in the memory. Dad G chuckled too, remembering. We all could visualize grandma, shocked and embarrassed with her husband lingering behind. We were connected.

Now when we hear an amount with ten cents attached or see the lone dime, we smile, feeling her love all of again.