Author: Nic Bishop

February 10, 2012

Author Tidbits: a Pleasing Bit of Information

Like these working conditions?

Nic Bishop uses his camera as his illustration tool. His photographs are dynamic and detailed. He has written over 60 nonfiction books.  The photographs are great for sharing with students and building their background knowledge of the books and biology. Nic Bishop describes his research for each book in three ways: from his educational training including information from his biologist father, from observation in nature, from reading several books including textbooks at universities.

The photography Nic Bishop uses is amazing. On his website, he explains the camera techniques with brilliant photos as examples. My favorite insight is how he worked with and eventually tamed a frog for the perfect action picture. With a camera lens, he is able to focus on something tiny and zoom to a full page photo. Watch the below YouTube video (2 min.) of Nic Bishop sharing how he works in nature and in his lab.

For an animated book review, the YouTube video brings spiders front and center. Although I am not fond of spiders, the photographs are fascinating. Your young science readers will love this book.